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Mining Addresses

"Please use a new Primary Address when Changing/Adding Merged Addresses"

If a new primary/main address is not used, newly added/changed merged addresses will not register and merged coin payments will not send

If you see "Address config errors detected" use a new primary/main coin address

If you have a working set of merged addresses
It’s fine to keep them & mine a different primary/main coin
Disconnect your machine/miner, follow step 1-4 then re-connect your machine/miner
(1. select new primary coin, 2. change primary "ADDRESS" 3. change c="SYMBOL" 4. change "PORT")

Mine to an exchange address - new payout method available
Contact me and I will set a minimum payout send amount
Setting a minimum send amount limits your payout frequency and this stops the exchange triggering a depositing overload time restriction

Desktop Wallets - Click Here

Config Generator

 1: Select Algo
 2: Choose Primary Coin
 3: Enter Primary Address
 4: Enter Merged Addresses
 5: Click - Generate

Skip step 4 to mine just the main coin

Hi Bch and Xrg Miners

Please use correct address format, no extra spaces

[bitcoincash:qrkvff...] [ergon:qrkvff...]


3: Primary Address

1: Algo

2: Primary Coins

-a -o stratum+tcp:// -u . -p c=